At the beginning of this business venture, we thought that our primary customers would be hunters and fishermen. But all that has changed! Our customer base has become so extensive that it almost caught us by surprise. We’ve outfitted units in the FBI, DEA, Sheriff’s Departments, Game and Wildlife Departments and Military Units. Other UNEXPECTED customers are botanist, Women’s outdoor clubs, military units, boy scouts, girl scouts, gardeners, landscapers and even the weekend paint ball warrior. We’ve been contacted by customers from Africa, South America, Canada, New Zealand and Italy.

I wore Rynoskin Total during the Oklahoma Spring Turkey season in SE Oklahoma. The product worked great! I had 0 bug bites in an area where mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, horse flies are very prevalent. It was extremely comfortable, breathable and lightweight. Great product!

Norman, OK 

Not only did the Rynoskin protect me from ticks, but also from leeches when I went chest deep in leech infested swamps to retrieve downed geese. Now I can hunt without fear that I am being infested with ticks or that the game can smell my insect repellent. Rynoskin has become one of my essential tools for every hunt.

Mike Skelly 

I highly recommend RYNOSKIN! I use it during marijuana eradication….have been tick and mosquito free for over 3 years now…for me it works great!!!

Keith Warzecha 
DEA Special Agent

As a soldier serving in Iraq, I have used RYNOSKIN in an extreme climate and it has allowed my skin to breath. My duties expose me to severe climates, hot to cold to wet and dry. RYNOSKIN has accommodated me in all climates and has provided me with protection from pesky insects. I would recommend it to my soldiers as well as for everyday activities.

SSgt Nathanial Reeves, Jr. 
Bravo Company 980th EN BN 

I have found one solution to black flies, ticks and mosquitoes, it is called RYNOSKIN. I field tested it and I can honestly say “it works”! Quite breathable and it does not retain heat nor moisture, instead it wicks moisture from your skin. Best of all it is scent free.

Bob Humphrey 
Maine Bowhunter 

Ted Nugent has been using your product and loves it.

Sasha Nugent 
Ted Nugent Television series 

I had the pleasure to wear RYNOSKIN in Oct in Texas, where it is still 90 and full of ticks. My new RYNOSKIN suit kept me cool and free of ticks. I watched ticks crawling on my deer and on the ground, but I had no worries with my RYNOSKIN…..I never got one tick on me…it gave me piece of mind to focus on the hunt and enjoy myself without the worries of bugs.

Tara Bertalan 
Nova Impact Productions 

I was amazed at how effective this product was at keeping ticks off of my skin.

Keith Green 
Oklahoma Game and Wildlife Dept. 

Since purchasing my RYNOSKIN….I have not experienced a tick, mosquito or chigger bite…I found RYNOSKIN to be lightweight, breathable and comfortable...it offers natural protection without the need for chemical repellents!

William L. Gibson 
Tupelo Police Department 

Since trying your suit, I have not had a tick or chigger bite. Thanks for a great product!

Steve Keeney 
Holdenville, OK 

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