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9 Plants That Mosquitoes Hate

Plant Catnip. Most people find that catnip is even better at repelling mosquitoes than chemicals. Best of all, catnip is safe. It can even be grown next to plants that typically attract mosquitoes as a deterrent. However, keep in mind catnip will attract cats into your yard.


Have Lemon Balm. The green leaves of lemon balm have the scent of lemon with a hint of mint, which is awesome if you’re a fan of the mint. Plus it’s known for keeping the mosquitoes at bay while also attracting important pollinators like butterflies and bees.

Have Lemon Balm

Consider Citronella. Even though the candles are often laden with chemicals, the citronella plant however can be grown in your garden to keep mosquitoes away. The plant carries the fragrance of citronella in its foliage, and when a leaf is crushed and rubbed onto the skin, the aroma is very pleasant, but first and foremost yet it helps to naturally repel those mosquitoes.

Consider Citronella


Basil. You may be tempted to add it your food, but also basil makes an outstanding natural mosquito repellent, giving off a scent without the leaves having to be crushed or touched. Plus, basil can be used in a wide range of dishes for those food lovers.


Love the Lavender. Most of us love the smell of lavender, but few know that it not only offers therapeutic vibes, but it can keep those pesky mosquitoes from messing you. The lovely aroma is offensive to mosquitoes and is best harnessed by planting it in the garden, or in pots situated near doors, windows and entertainment areas.


Grow Geranium.  The fresh scent of geraniums are yet another popular mosquito repelling plant recommended by countless gardeners. The lemon scented type of geranium is most effective, as it’s similar to citronella, which as mentioned earlier. is one of the best for keeping the pests away. Geraniums have very nice blooms that will brighten up your garden area.


Rosemary. This fresh plant is most common in seasoning food dishes, but it can also serve as a mosquito repellent amongst a number of other fantastic uses. Rosemary is good indoors or out just make sure you give the plant plenty of sunlight.


Plenty of Peppermint. Most bugs despise the smell and taste of peppermint and mosquitoes are no different, so planting it around your home is a great if you want them away. Plus, if you do happen to get bitten, peppermint leaves rubbed directly onto the skin make a great bite relief treatment! For an added plus Peppermint that makes an awesome addition to dishes and drinks.



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