Testimonials – RYNOSKIN TOTAL


BVM / Norman, OK

"I wore Rynoskin Total during the Oklahoma Spring Turkey season in SE Oklahoma. The product worked great! I had 0 bug bites in an area where mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, horse flies are very prevalent. It was extremely comfortable, breathable and lightweight. Great product!"

Paul Kamenar / Pennsylvania

"April 1997, the bear hunt guide gave full warning to expect black flies and ticks on my trip into the wilds of Manitoba the following month. He could not have been more spot on, I had never seen ticks like that before or since. Not a fan of the chemical repellents at the time of his warning, I opted for my first Rynoskin suit. I spent much of my time on that hunt flicking ticks off of me in the tree stand and smashing them with my flashlight in the camp tent at night. After five days in the Canadian bush, not only was I successful in taking a bear, I came home without a fly or tick bite to show. Fast forward to June 9th 2017. I was pushing through a week of aches, pains and sickness, when my wife woke at 1:00am to find me sweating profusely...The bulls eye found on my lower back confirmed the diagnosis then and there, Lyme Disease. Now after putting my hands on the new Rynoskin Total there is no doubt having one would have protected me. This new version is an upgrade in the quality of material used and its overall coverage. The reinforced stress points, overlapping pieces, gloves, socks, and hood, places it far and above any other chemical-free insect protection on the market today."

Mike Skelly

Not only did the Rynoskin protect me from ticks, but also from leeches when I went chest deep in leech infested swamps to retrieve downed geese. Now I can hunt without fear that I am being infested with ticks or that the game can smell my insect repellent. Rynoskin has become one of my essential tools for every hunt.

Steven Walker / Tulsa, OK

I am allergic to insect bites. I have always used insect repellents due to severe allergic reaction to bites. Sweat quickly washes off insect repellents. My wife purchased Rynoskin for me two years ago, the only bites I get is when I take it off! I just purchased my second full set. The Rynoskin quickly soaks with my own sweat air cools the sweat and I am very comfortable in the woods.

Keith Warzecha / DEA Special Agent

I highly recommend RYNOSKIN! I use it during marijuana eradication….have been tick and mosquito free for over 3 years now…for me it works great!!!

Rich K. / Florida Resident

94°F in central Florida today. Garments are breathable and comfortable. In the wilderness and swamps today with tons of mosquitoes. Not a single bite!

SSgt Nathanial Reeves / SS Bravo Company 980th EN BN

As a soldier serving in Iraq, I have used RYNOSKIN in an extreme climate and it has allowed my skin to breath. My duties expose me to severe climates, hot to cold to wet and dry. RYNOSKIN has accommodated me in all climates and has provided me with protection from pesky insects. I would recommend it to my soldiers as well as for everyday activities.

Bob Humphrey / Maine Bowhunter

I have found one solution to black flies, ticks and mosquitoes, it is called RYNOSKIN. I field tested it and I can honestly say “it works”! Quite breathable and it does not retain heat nor moisture, instead it wicks moisture from your skin. Best of all it is scent free.

David Barus / Outdoor Writer

​When two of my grandkids came down with Lyme disease last year, we researched so many products to help find protection. Most of the protections are chemically based.....there was always a concern about the chemicals and possible effects years down the road. Then one day in our research, we discovered Rynoskin Total. It's chemical free, is comfortable, does not retain heat (in summer, this is important), and is impervious to mosquitoes, Deer Ticks, other Ticks, Chiggers, No-See-Ums, Black Flies, Sand Fleas, Ants, Gnats and many other biting insects. It is a positive measure toward preventing Zika, Malaria, West Nile, Dengue, Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Ehrlichiosis and other vector born illnesses. Was especially impressed during several field trips to tick infested country. Rynoskin Total truly works!

Tara Bertalan / Nova Impact Productions

I had the pleasure to wear RYNOSKIN in Oct in Texas, where it is still 90 and full of ticks. My new RYNOSKIN suit kept me cool and free of ticks. I watched ticks crawling on my deer and on the ground, but I had no worries with my RYNOSKIN…..I never got one tick on me…it gave me piece of mind to focus on the hunt and enjoy myself without the worries of bugs.

Keith Green / Oklahoma Game and Wildlife Dept.

I was amazed at how effective this product was at keeping ticks off of my skin.

William L. Gibson / Tupelo Police Department

Since purchasing my RYNOSKIN….I have not experienced a tick, mosquito or chigger bite…I found RYNOSKIN to be lightweight, breathable and comfortable...it offers natural protection without the need for chemical repellents!

Steve Keeney / Holdenville, OK

Since trying your suit, I have not had a tick or chigger bite. Thanks for a great product!

Diana Johnson / Rynoskin Total Satisfied Customer!!

I am writing to let you know how wonderful I think your products are. The socks are one thing I wasn’t sure I needed, but they have become my favorite . They wick moisture very fast which leaves my feet dry when it’s cold and cold when it’s hot out.

The shirt and pants fit tight and wearing them outside I have had no mosquito or deer fly bites! They also hold up well in the washing in the washing machine.

Kudos to you all for a fine line of products that makes being in the woods everyday a pleasure.

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