Rynoskin Total was specifically designed to be worn underneath the clothing. This unique concept provides the wearer with comfort, breath-ability, stealth movement and eliminates snags against brush. This armor will stretch to accommodate all different body sizes. Unlike all of the over garment type of insect protection suits that are hot, noisy and snag against the brush, Rynoskin Total is ultra-lightweight body-forming, cool, and comfortable. This body suit is so comfortable that the wearer will forget that they're wearing it.

Mosquitoes | Ticks | Chiggers | No-See-Ums | Black Flies | Sand Fleas | Gnats | Many Other Biting Insects


Mosquito Testing: Human subject arm in cage and human subject full body in cage tests were performed to determine mosquito bite resistance.

“Clothing has been tested and found to be resistant to mosquito bites by insect scientists at North Carolina State University.”

When worn as an undergarment, Rynoskin Total has shown by professional testing to provide up to 98% bite resistance to mosquitoes.

Tick Testing: A mannequin arm was utilized with Rynoskin. The bait used was Heat, Co2 and a higher level of humidity in the adjacent chamber. No ticks were able to penetrate through the Rynoskin to reach the other chamber.

No-See-Um Testing: An independent observer and researcher were used to record observations, serve as a time keeper and assist as needed during the experiment. After the insertion of an arm into each containment unit, the independent observer verified Ceratopogonidae: Culicoides sonorenisis (No-See-Ums) exhibited feeding behavior. Active feeding or food-seeking behavior included activity whereby individual No-See-Ums were searching for entrance through the clothing to reach the skin to feed. No bites were received while wearing Rynoskin Total underneath clothing.