Does Rynoskin Total use any chemicals in the clothing? No, Rynoskin is chemical-free and scent-free, we don’t use any insecticides in our products.

What insects does it protect against? Rynoskin Total protects against; ticks, mosquitoes, chiggers, biting flies and various other biting insects. HOWEVER, Rynoskin Total does not protect against; wasps, bees, spiders, scorpions. We have received positive reviews about protection against ants, BUT we don’t have any tests or data to back that claim.

How does it work? Rynoskin Total is constructed with a revolutionary super fine mesh material that prevents Ticks, Mosquitoes, Chiggers, Biting Flies, No-See-Ums, and many other biting insects from being able to bite through or penetrate the fabric.  It is meant to be worn underneath the clothing.  Even when wearing just a light cotton shirt over Rynoskin Total the wearer will experience up to 98% bite resistance to mosquitoes.  The hood, socks, and gloves, are double layered.  The elbows, knees, and shoulder area of the shirt are also double layered for maximum durability and protection.  Our patented technology also employs form fitting cuffs at the wrist and lower ankle to prevent insects from crawling under the clothing.  Our recommended wearing instructions are to tuck the shirt into the pant.  Next, tuck the hood into the mock neck.  The shirt and pants also fit over the gloves and socks to create a comfortable but yet snug seal.  Essentially, creating a breathable and comfortable barrier that prevents insects from being able to bite you.  There are no pesticides in the fabric.  The protection comes solely from the design and construction of the suit.

What is the difference of the new Rynoskin Total and the original Rynoskin?  Rynoskin Total provides mosquito protection in addition to all of the insects the original Rynoskin protected against.  The original Rynoskin protected against Ticks, Chiggers, Biting Flies, and many other biting insects but was never advertised as a suit that offered Mosquito protection.  We always had a disclaimer about mosquitoes in the past as well with the original Rynoskin.  Rynoskin Total was brought to market in 2017 so please keep that in mind when reading reviews about Rynoskin and mosquitoes prior to 2017.

How do you wash it? Machine wash cold water,  tumble low dry, but air dry is recommended.

What colors do you have? Rynoskin Total comes in; Black, Tan, Green, and White.

Does Rynoskin Total come in Camo? No, not at this time we are working on this pattern but a timeframe is uncertain at this point.

Do you have child sizes?  The sizes for children vary depending on their ages and sizes. Rynoskin Total comes in 2X-Small which typically ranges for children 4 to 6 years old. X-Small is generally for children ranging from ages 7 to 10 years old. Again this depends on the size of your child since we know children grow at different rates.

It is sold on Amazon? Yes. Colors: Green, Black, Tan, White. Caution do not  purchase Rynoskin from Brown Bear in Canada not sure what they are selling.

Is it sold on Bass Pro Shop? Yes, Rynoskin Total is sold on the Bass Pro website and stores.

What is Rynoskin Total made of? The fabric is made from Nylon and Lycra.

Where is Rynoskin Total manufactured? 100% in the USA.

Does it wick the sweat from your body? Yes, it does keeping you cool and comfortable.