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Summer Camp Protection

Summer Camp Protection

That time of year again is approaching, spring flowers are blooming, the weather is becoming more favorable and as school is coming to a close for the year. Parents are looking to enroll their kids in summer camp all over the country. Not only do you have to worry about which camp is the best for your child but everything that comes with it. The fees, activities, if your child will actually have a good time and not call you begging to come home. Given the laundry list of things you have to worry about. Rynoskin Total is confident that we can take care of one of those things that all parents worry about; protecting your kids from insect bites. You know, the real annoying ones; Mosquitoes Ticks, Chiggers, Biting Flies.

While Rynoskin Total can provide the needed protection against these insects we understand that most kids will be very active during the day therefore we know wearing cool and comfortable clothes are a must. So with our patent design allows us to provide protection while not having to sacrifice comfort and mobility. The suit will effectively wick the sweat from the body so your kid will not feel the need to take it off while out in the sun.

For those who may want to wear Rynoskin Total at night instead of during the day. This may be an option for children wanting protection while they sleep. Especially since the layout of the sleeping arrangements and the type of camp aren’t exactly detailed. We have received very positive reviews from customers who have stated that they were totally comfortable and protected while wearing Rynoskin Total at night even those customers living in the warmer climates.

The sizes for children vary depending on their ages and sizes. Rynoskin Total comes in 2X-Small which typically ranges for children 4 to 6 years old. X-Small is generally for children ranging from ages 7 to 10 years old. Again this depends on the size of your child since we know children grow at different rates.

With so many things you have to consider, calculate, and worry about. Rynoskin Total seeks to ease those choices by providing a total protection solution for your kids with our a chemical-free insect defense clothing.